Management of Scope, Time, Cost and Documentation

The management concept stems from the need for aligning those involved in the project with the objectives and requirements defined by the customer, with a view of meeting primarily their expectations regarding deadlines, cost and quality, in addition to safety, environmental constraints, and other items.

This real stakeholders network is not limited to construction and erection companies working on site, but it also involves designers, consultants, material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, logistics operators, etc.
Audax employs extensively tested processes and tools that enable the integrated management of Scope, Time, Cost and Documentation, allowing structuring, planning, budgeting, contracting of works, as well as monitoring & controlling the project implementation.

This alignment of goals, which guarantees the success of the project, is achieved by creating a virtual environment where a real chain of responsibility is created among all stakeholders, with clear rules defined through consolidated working processes based on the best practices available, skilled personnel and state-of-the-art tools.