How we Work

Our belief:
We believe that companies that help their customers to achieve their goals implementing their projects, avoid waste, move forward and collaborate to the development of the communities where they operate.

Our contribution:
Work with customers so that their projects are carried out as planned, fully addressing their requirements, providing services with high technical standards, applying appropriate engineering solutions and management excellence.

Code of Ethics and Conduct (Compliance)
Audax follows the guidelines shown below for all business it take part in:
• Complying with laws and other applicable regulations;
• Keeping absolute impartiality and independence when handling its customers’ interests;
• Respecting the environment, in compliance with the applicable laws and customer standards;
• Refraining from exposing employees or outsourcers to risks or hazards that could be harmful to health;
• Refraining from employing child labor or allowing forced labor;
• Providing a healthy working environment, with transparency and respect for others, not allowing discrimination of any kind;
• Refraining from offering or accepting undue advantage of any kind that entails disregard for laws, customers standards, or that may impact the impartiality of any involved parties.