Field Expertise

Audax has the ability and experience in supporting its customers at all stages of a project implementation, from the preparation of studies and designs, budget planning and management, until the support throughout the procurement process, including hiring of works and services, project supervision, inspection and management.

In the area of engineering studies and design, a solid reputation and knowledge allows integrating a large network of experts, partners and consultants in the search of the best technical and constructive solutions to meet its clients’ requirements. It has also a proved experience in execution, analysis and validation of structural and multidisciplinary projects in its expertise areas.

As for management, it integrates management processes at all stages of the project, working with consolidated processes and self-developed and market provided tools, based on PMI (Project Management Institute) guidelines. In this area, it applies its experience and tools that integrate Scope, Time and Cost, widely tested in the management of mid- and large-scale projects both in Brazil and abroad.